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Biomediality and Microperformativity

image credit: Plantas Autofotosintéticas by Gilberto Esparza, installation view from the OU\ /ERT exhibition (Bourges 2019), © Axel Heise

24.June 2020 19:00 – 19:30

Biomediality and Microperformativity
Art, Agency and Animation in Times of Wetware

Jens Hauser
Moderated by Co-Corporeality in cooperation with Angewandte Praxis

Key note lecture as part of angewandtefestival.at/

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Jens Hauser is a curator and theorist who deals with the interaction of art and technology in relation to the transhistorical staging of 'liveliness', including the use of bio(techno)logical media in art. He is currently collaborating with Lucie Strecker on a special issue "On Microperformativity" for the journal Performance Research.


Co-Corporeality addresses responsive spaces in the era of biomediality with the aim to establish an interaction between a human and a living material. We are specifically interested in developing a responsive environment within an architectural space that interacts, learns, grows and decays in relation to human presence and behaviour.

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