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Co-Corporeality Series 1 – E. feed/er


Interactive biomedial installation

The aim of the project is to develop a responsive interaction space for humans and living matter.

This biological 'performative architecture' responds to human behaviour through movement, growth, decay and interaction. A first prototype will be shown, which creates a platform for interaction between humans and microlife. By using a webcam and artificial intelligence, visitors can communicate non-verbally with the bacteria through human emotions.

On virtual display at the Angewandte Festival between 24.6.-26.6.2020
Daily live performance: Vienna 13:00 - 17:00 --- New York 04:00 - 11:00 --- Los Angeles 01:00 - 08:00 --- Tokyo 20:00 - 00:00 --- Melbourne 21:00 - 01:00

E-Feeder: Damjan Minovski, Tiziano Derme, Daniela Mitterberger
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision: Martin Gasser
Living material: Neptun Yousefi, Kathrin Weiland, Teresa Gutierrez

Project Co-Corporeality Team

University of Applied Arts

Barbara Imhof, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme, Waltraut Hoheneder, Damjan Minovski, Kyle Koops, Patricia Tibu

Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Martin Gasser, Robert Trappl

PaCE Group, Unversity of Vienna
Alexander Bismarck, Andreas Mautner, Neptun Yousefi, Kathrin Weiland, Teresa Gutierrez


Co-Corporeality addresses responsive spaces in the era of biomediality with the aim to establish an interaction between a human and a living material. We are specifically interested in developing a responsive environment within an architectural space that interacts, learns, grows and decays in relation to human presence and behaviour.

Vordere Zollamstrasse, 7
1030 - Wien