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Angewandte Festival 29.6.-2.7.2021 : Wanderlust


A three-part representation of Co-Corporeality elements as part of the Zentrum Fokus Forschung Wanderlust insert to the Angewandte Festival 2021

The two installations are intended as encounters with parts of the Co-Corporeality project. The first encounter focuses on the human body: a new sensor system is presented that uses the human body as an interface to communicate with machines. Furthermore, an interactive facial recognition system is exhibited. This invites criticism of its coded bias and questionable reliability.

The second encounter is bacterial: cyanobacteria visibly grow with light intensity, change colour and produce oxygen. Data sets and simulations visualise microbial performance. Stories about people, machines and microbes connect the two set-ups at the two locations through a panel discussion. Among other things, the participants speculate about slipping into each other's skin and dining with microbes.

University of Applied Arts
Barbara Imhof
Tiziano Derme
Daniela Mitterberger
Damjan Minovski
Patricia Tibu
Xavier Madden

Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Martin Gasser
Robert Trappl

University of Vienna
Institute of Materials Chemistry, Polymer & Composites Engineering

Alexander Bismarck
Andreas Mautner
Neptun Yousefi
Anne Zhao

University of Vienna
Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, Centre for Microbiology and Environmental System Science

David Berry
Andi Heberlein

University of Innsbruck
Institute of Microbiology

Heribert Insam
Judith Ascher-Jenull
Carolin Gamirsi

photos credit Co-Corporeality 2021



Co-Corporeality addresses responsive spaces in the era of biomediality with the aim to establish an interaction between a human and a living material. We are specifically interested in developing a responsive environment within an architectural space that interacts, learns, grows and decays in relation to human presence and behaviour.

Vordere Zollamstrasse, 7
1030 - Wien