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Open House 2020


Co-Corporeality - Behind the scenes, Wednesday, December 9, 2020 - 09:00-11:00

At the annual Open House of the Angewandte students and lecturers provide insights into the studios, workshops and ateliers of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and provide information about the study subjects.

Co-Corporeality - Behind the scenes / Creating stories about Humans, Machines and Microbe.

Co-Corporeality opens its doors to a project progress meeting and visitors can participate in the development conversations between architects, material scientists and microbiologists.


Co-Corporeality addresses responsive spaces in the era of biomediality with the aim to establish an interaction between a human and a living material. We are specifically interested in developing a responsive environment within an architectural space that interacts, learns, grows and decays in relation to human presence and behaviour.

Vordere Zollamstrasse, 7
1030 - Wien